How to Start Indoor Vegetable Gardening?

indoorgardenSome people perceive that vegetable gardening can only be accomplished in the outdoors, in a garden but what if I could tell you that you can no matter where you live have a vegetable garden? You probably think I am mad but the current trend for indoor vegetable gardens has become a world craze that has followers within the Hollywood A-list! There are of course a few vegetables that cannot be grown indoors but they are mainly sweet corn, pumpkins and squash where as pretty much any types of root and leafy vegetables can be grown along with tomatoes.

How to start indoor vegetable gardening could never be so easy with the supplies that are available on today’s markets! So let’s have a look at what you will need and the things that you need to consider. The main things you need to think about is the temperature, light and how pollination is going to occur. Now one of the main things people forget is that vegetable seeds seem to be in short supply in your local stores during the colder months of the year so make sure you stock up early in the warmer months those vegetables you want to grow indoors during the winter. It is also best to start your indoor vegetable garden around the fall time as the heat is not too much and the cold not too cold – perfect! Now depending on what vegetables you want to grow will depend on where indoors you can grow them. Certain vegetables can withstand cooler indoor temperatures where as others need more warmth. Leaf and root vegetable crops are often the ones that can take a more wide range of heats where as tomatoes, peppers and beans need warmer places to grow.

When it comes to light you need to make sure that your indoor garden has plenty of sunlight, six to eight hours is best to ensure the plants survival. If you find that by being near the window means that the plants are getting too cold then you may need to buy lights to help compensate whilst keeping them away from the cold. The best tubes to use for this are a combination of white cool and warm tubes to replicate the suns rays.

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