Growing Vegetables in Containers


Growing vegetables in containers can be simple when you know how! Now, growing vegetables in containers is also known as mini gardening which is perfect for introducing children into the fun world of gardening. It is also perfect if you are not blessed with a large garden plot as containers are small enough to be placed even in the smallest of places. If you have a bad quality of soil that is preventing you from being able to grow your favorite vegetables then switch to container gardening, although the selection of what you can grow in a container needs to be the same as what you want to grow. So let’s check out what you can grow in a container garden; Tomatoes (several varieties, Squash (several varieties), peppers, green beans, egg plant, leaf lettuce, parsley, coriander, mint, tarragon, radishes, green onions and other herbs. A small herb garden, grown in containers is normally where the mini gardener first starts before moving on to growing vegetables in containers. The best soil and compost that you use within the containers has to be nutrient rich and synthetic soil is better for your vegetables than traditional soils are. The actual pot or container that you use is totally up to you. Some people like the mini garden to be a statement piece as well as a garden so they use nice ceramic pots, but there is really no need for expense as almost any container will do as long as they are deep enough to withstand the growing requirements of what vegetable you want to grow.

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