Garden Tools Best Weapon – The Hori Hori Knife Cutter

Presenting Oakridge Yard Tools Hori Hori Knife the most preferred yard tool used by yard lover. It’s so multi-functional that it is among those devices that you seem to go to for each task when you’re in your yard.

The Hori Hori knife by Oakridge Gardens weights in about 3/4 of a pound, 12 inches in complete length with a concave blade made from quality stainless steel that’s 7 inches long and has a stunning Rosewood handle. It features a thick nylon sheath that will protect the blade and you from cutting yourself and for blade storage due to the reality that it’s one sharp blade! Make sure! That’s a very sharp cutting edge.

It showcases on the concave side measurement marks for measuring depth and for scooping. Likewise, our hori hori knife consists of a serrated cutting edge to assist cut up roots, fruits, rope, or whatever you require cutting!

This version of the Hori Hori Knife By Oakridge Gardens has numerous uses. It can be used as a digging tool, a metal detector digging tool or shovel, yard weeder, yard tool, bonsai tree tool and it is the ideal buddy for the hiker, camper or fisher. This all function knife, let’s simply say it’s the Swiss yard knife of gardening! Get yours today on Amazon at a 25 % price cut making use of Promo Code: ORGTROC2 it will make a great present for your gardener.