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Hello, welcome to Raised Bed Gardening Tips, the premier website for information on gardening in raised beds. At my house everyone is into gardening (my wife, myself, and the dog Rufus). We especially like raised bed gardening. We raise almost anything in these beds plus we also use containers of any size or type. It is a very enjoyable hobby.

Now we mostly use the beds for raising vegetable but we also have flowers and herbs going strong in them too. We started this site because we thought that we should share our information with anyone who wanted it. We have been doing this for a long time so we think that we are pretty accomplished. I don’t think that we are renowned experts but we come close.

There is lots of information on the site about how to do things. You will also find a fair amount of info on different gardening products. We will offer our opinions on them from time to time because we think that the visitor should get the best info available.

Be aware that if you purchase something from the site that we sometimes get a commission for making a referral. We hope that you enjoy the site and get some very practical and productive use of all that is here.



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